Providing MBA Admissions Consulting and Seminars

MBA Strategies operates on the principle that well-informed applicants make better decisions and are better able to position their applications for success.

For over 25 years, we have been serving as your advisors throughout the MBA application process, at any stage, providing informed, experienced and objective guidance.

Our Focus is on Top 10 Schools

Our clients typically target top 20 programs, with an emphasis on the top 10 schools, although our consulting is useful for any MBA program you may be applying to.

Our Success

Over 95% of our clients are “extremely satisfied” with their results – a testament to their backgrounds, the time they commit to the process as well as the quality of the assistance they receive from MBA Strategies.

Our Consultants

Our consultants have collectively held full-time positions in the admissions and placement functions at Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and Kellogg. Our professionals know the top 20 programs very well, and, most importantly, we know what they are seeking in an ideal applicant.

Our Quality

We operate solely by word of mouth and intentionally limit our size, hiring only the best professionals. Our small size, as well as our professionals’ backgrounds allows us to provide truly effective coaching for acceptance into top-tier business schools.

Featured In

“MBA Strategies was invaluable in acquainting me with the strategic aspects of the application process. You provided the types of analyses and information which allowed me to approach my applications with sophistication and intelligence. You saved me literally hours of time and enabled me to start the process with confidence.”