We serve MBA applicants throughout the process, at any stage, providing informed, experienced and objective guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon will I be able to get an appointment?
A. We are most often able to speak with you within a day or two of you contacting us. We will ask that you send us a retainer fee, a copy of your college transcript, your GMAT score report (if you have taken it) and a resume via email once you have been contacted by your consultant.

Q. How many appointments does the average person use?
A. This depends on where you are in the process, as well as how many schools you are interested in applying to. On average, clients use a total of 3-5 hours.

Q. I just want some feedback on why I was rejected. Are you able to help me?
A. Absolutely. If you email us your essays from a previous submission, we will be able to give you a pretty good idea of what the issues may have been.

Q. Where are your consultants located?
A. We are located in various cities in the U.S., but given that all our appointments are over the phone, our locations are not an issue.

Q. Are you able to help me if I don’t live in the U.S.?
A. Yes, many of our clients live in other countries besides the United States. We are very familiar with many of the issues foreign applicants face and are also familiar with business schools outside of the U.S.

Q. I have no idea where I want to apply or where I could be accepted. Are you able to help?
A. Certainly. While many of our clients have an idea of what schools interest them, many use us to help target reasonable options based on interests and qualifications. We are able to help you regardless of where you are in the process.

Q. I just need someone to tell me my strengths and weaknesses vis a vis other applicants.
A. This is one of the ways in which we are most helpful. While you may be aware of your qualifications, you are only able to evaluate them in an absolute sense. MBA Strategies brings years and years of familiarity with the various applicant pools, and as such, offer you the invaluable ability to see yourself relative to other applicants and position yourself in the most favorable light.

Q. I just need someone to correct my essays. Are you able to help?
A. We are not an editing service, and for ethical reasons we require that you are the author of your essays. We are happy to provide strategic input.

Q. There are many firms out there all claiming to offer the same services. Why MBA Strategies?
A. Our over 25 years of experience means that we have a tremendous perspective on what matters to the schools and why. In addition, we have worked with such a variety of clients, we absolutely know what works and what does not. Finally, we are all professionals who have held the top jobs in either the Admissions or Placement offices of Stanford, Harvard and Wharton. We do not advertise. Almost all of our clients come to us via referrals from previous clients, something we are very proud of. We invite you to call our offices at 952-239-5605 and we will be happy to discuss how we may help you in greater detail.

Q. Will you tell me my chances of being accepted?
A. We will give you a very candid, direct assessment of your chances. Keep in mind that some aspects of your application will be unknown to us: your final essays and what your recommenders actually write about you. Given the information we have, however, we are able to give you a fairly good picture of your chances.

Q. Which consultant will I be assigned?
A. You will be randomly assigned one of our highly trained consultants, or, if you prefer, you may request someone in particular. Our goal is to have you be 100% satisfied with your MBA Strategies experience.

Q. How does the process actually work?
A. Once you contact us, one of our consultants will either call or email you and give you two or three additional items she would like you to email directly to her. You will go ahead and compare calendars and set up a phone conference for your earliest convenience. Going forward, you schedule time directly with your consultant, paying between appointments for time actually spent on the phone. We accept payment via Venmo, PayPal or personal check.
“The advice you gave me about my 3 biggest accomplishments literally is why I got the Harvard interview. Without you I don’t think I would have stood a chance.”