With over 25 years experience we have the longest and most established reputation in the business.

Why choose MBA Strategies?

MBA Strategies has the longest and most established reputation in the business of MBA Admissions consulting, a testament to the quality of our services. Since 1985, we have had the privilege to serve literally hundreds of applicants with our one-on-one consulting. In addition, our firm is retained by top investment banks, consulting firms and other organizations that provide their MBA program applicants with our strategy seminar and/or one-on-one sessions. We are a firm that emphasizes teamwork, knowledge and value added. We’ve organized ourselves around our clients, and our goal is to work effectively to meet your needs.

Our one-on-one clients are located throughout the world and have varied backgrounds. They range from undergraduates considering an MBA degree in the future to individuals with over ten years of professional experience. Many have applied unsuccessfully in the past; most are applying for the first time. Some have a clear idea of where they want to apply; many look to us for which programs are viable options and meet their academic and professional objectives.

Our corporate clients are comprised of leading investment banks, consulting firms, portfolio management firms, as well as hedge funds and private equity companies. MBA Strategies has presented its seminars in the United States as well as Europe on behalf of our clients. Seminars may take place live at the clients’ offices where the session may then be broadcast to other locations, or the seminar may also be web cast to firm employees throughout the world, depending on the client’s needs. Many of our corporate clients retain the firm after the seminar to provide one-on-one services to individuals.

“You were great at helping me get a perspective on my chances. You helped dramatically in providing encouragement. I would have never considered Harvard, but you helped me isolate what I should emphasize and thanks to you, I am on my way to Boston!”